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Big Magic. It's when an idea and person come together and agree to make it manifest. That's also the name of a book I'm reading right now, by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you have any sort of creative bone in your body that wants, no, needs to be expressed, then this book is for you. It doesn't even have to be an artistic kind of creativity. It could even be just needing to be who you truly are but are held back by fear. It was just the thing I needed to read to quell my own fears and not worry so much about what may or may not come. To invite fear to come along for the ride but not have a say on anything except my physical safety. Because, as Elizabeth says:

"...it seems to me that my fear and my creativity are basically conjoined twins--as evidenced by the fact that creativity cannot take a single step forward without fear marching right alongside it.....This is why we have to be careful of how we handle our fear--because I've noticed that when people try to kill off their fear, they often end up inadvertently murdering their creativity in the process."

So here I am with Raffine (welcome, by the way!), my creative outlet consisting of my watercolor art, photography, archived photos from 20+ years of modeling, my writings and my store. Big Magic has helped me to reach a place of doing this because it's what brings me joy and to not be so concerned with whether people will like it, or whether I'm wasting my time with it, or this or that, blah blah blah.

I encourage you to all read Big Magic, if you haven't already, and to take that plunge - be it writing a book, coming up with a new math formula, letting go of old beliefs, planting that garden or quitting your loathsome job to pursue a new career or humanitarian endeavor. Or like me, creating a website and store.